The Horse Race
Kim loves horses. She lives on a farm, and her family has three horses. She started riding them when she was five years old. Kim has a horse-riding teacher. Her teacher can ride horses Very Well. Now, Kim is a member of the horse-riding team at her high School. Every Summer, there is a big horse race in Kim’s town. Two years ago, she entered the race, but she didn’t win. After that, she rode her horse every day on her farm after School. Last year, Kim became sick for a few days before the race. So she had to stay home for One Week. She couldn’t ride her horse in the race. She was very sad. This year, Kim entered the race again. This time, she won. Kim’s father was very happy. “I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant he said. Kim and her parents enjoyed their dinner.

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(31) How old was Kim when she started riding horses?

1 Three years old.
2 Five years old.
3 Ten years old.
4 Fifteen years old.

(32) When is the big horse race in Kim’s town?

1 Every spring.
2 Every Summer.
3 Every fall.
4 Every Winter.

(33)When Kim was sick, she stayed home

1 for a few days.
2 for one Week.
3 for three weeks.
4 for one month.

(34) Who won the horse race this year?

1 Kim’s father.
2 Kim’s mother.
3 Kim’s friend.
4 Kim.

(35)Where did Kim go after the horse race this year?
1 To a horse farm.
2 To her high School.
3 To her favorite restaurant.
4 To the hospital.

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